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Our Founder’s Promise
My name is Richard Brussard and I’m the owner of Direct Express Courier. My family has been in the express delivery industry since 1967 and I personally have over 20 years experience. In all those years, I’ve seen every facet of the industry from delivery man to dispatcher. So when I started Direct Express in 1998, I knew how I wanted things to run and developed one core principle that guides the company and each of our employees:
We Go the Extra Mile
We do what we say. That’s what makes Direct Express Courier different. I’ve seen competitors promise the moon and the stars to a customer to get their business, then wonder why they lose a client when they can’t back up what they say. That won’t happen with Direct Express. We go the extra mile to ensure that your experience lives up to every expectation that we set. If we discover that we can’t meet a certain deadline, we tell you that right up front. We understand that your time, money and business is important , so we don’t waste it by beating around the bush and making false promises.

Let Us Be Your Rush Courier Specialist
Our dedication to customer satisfaction is legendary, so what do you have to lose? If your package needs to get to its destination quickly and requires the highest level of customer service, plus a sharp attention to detail, I invite you to try our rush delivery or airport delivery / pickup services. I’m sure that you’ll agree - Direct Express Courier is your Rush Courier Specialist!
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